Here's what people get from The Great Life Project




Sometimes It's the Little Things:

“My wife said, ‘I heard you laugh again. I don’t remember when the last time was you laughed out loud.’ She’s right. I’m less stressed and enjoying life again.”

Sometimes It's the Biggest Things:

“Jeff made it possible for me to name my biggest fear (that I didn’t even know was a thing!) I was holding myself back. Now I’m clear on what’s next, not just at work, but for my life.”

Here’s how we get results for our clients. Find out for yourself why they’re delighted.

(Some names have been changed for privacy.)


“Jeff is a natural. He saw what I couldn’t and gave me a clear process to rebuild family relationships.”

Greg loved his job. He won awards for his work. It was fun! Until it wasn’t.
He was spending more and more time leading and managing his team. Greg told himself his focus at work was providing well for his family. Unfortunately, his attempts to be productive meant he wasn’t being present. Even when he was home, his mind was on work. The Great Life Project helped Greg unlock ways to be present and productive, rebuild family connections, and make new memories with his wife and kids.

Melissa, C-SUITE Executive

“I wish I had The Great Life Project sooner. If I knew 5 years ago what I know now it would have saved me and my family a lot of pain.”

Melissa, a high-earning executive came to me saying “I know how to win at work, but don’t always know how to win at home.” What she meant was her marriage was unraveling and her teenage daughter wasn’t speaking to her – no one would be in the same room together. The Great Life Project tools and process showed Melissa how to begin building new relational bridges, change the dynamics with her daughter, and show up at her best for her family. Now she enjoys a new level of happy, authentic, and transparent relationships with her family – even enjoying family dinners and new road trips together!

Tim, Chief Creative Officer

“Jeff turned my search for purpose inside out. Now I’m finding real purpose in my work and all of life.”

Tim, a chief creative officer, came to me knowing, “there’s got to be more to life than this.” He kept climbing the career ladder, but something was missing. He was living from the outside in — hoping that the right moves and changes and dollars would make the difference. The bigger paycheck didn’t fill the empty feelings. The Great Life Project showed Tim how to unlock an inside-out approach to authentic purpose so that now he lives with clarity, peace, and significance far beyond work.


“The tools and process in the Great Life Project helped me see things about myself that I had lost. I feel like I’m really living again.”

Rather than just working more to build someone else’s company, Heather wanted to leverage her success and flexibility to make a difference for others. She said, “I want the success of my life to be measured in the people that come after me.” She used The Great Life Project process to create a strategy to balance her current responsibilities with new opportunities. I helped Heather find 8 more hours a week to give in new directions. She blocked out evenings and time away with her family, and she finally took action on her dream to start a leadership mentoring program for young women – a true lasting contribution.

Jen & Matt, co-founders

“I can finally relax and actually enjoy life.”

From the outside looking in, these co-founders had it all. But what you couldn’t see from the outside was the stress, the poor health choices because of crammed schedules, and all the friction, drama, and turnover with their executive team. They started a company they loved and ended up wondering what happened to the life they wanted.  My coaching process helped Matt & Jen to confront fears (like will my team make the right call when I’m not there?), remember who they were beyond their work, establish healthy boundaries for their time and energy, and rediscover the things that bring them joy in life (including their family of rescue dogs). They’ve mastered their schedule, built a way of life that supports their best work, and prioritized life-giving practices (like regular travel, running 5ks, and taco night). That is the power of life-giving practices.